Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Home Place - India

When our youngest daughter, Sharilyn, was 8 years old, her teacher at the Hyderabad International School asked the students to write about their homes. This is what Sharilyn wrote along with her drawing:

My Home Place - India
I was born in Kerala. There are SO many trees in Kerala, and it is a special place because I was born in Kerala. When I left Kerala I was two, and for my first time I was in Hyderabad. I had to go to a play school then, and learn my ABC and 123. I like it. Now in Hyderabad there was an "Old Hyderabad" and there was a Charminar. Char means four and Minar means towers. So it has four points. It is quite big and has two gates and at a time of day you can go inside and go to the top. Near there is Bangle Street. I buy lots of bangles with diamonds, red, blue, black, white colors and many things.

Sharilyn's Drawing

Almost every day the sky is blue and the sound of chickens and cock-a-doodle-doos, and dogs everywhere and cats running and climbing. It's a wonderful place to be. And I like to hear the snake-charmers in my garden. I had many snakes because I had a BIG garden. I am at a place called Hyderabad International School. The books come from America so when I go there I fit right in.
School Paper, March 1985

Sharilyn was recalling the time snake charmers had come to our compound. Early one afternoon we heard the sound of snake charmer's flutes outside our bungalow. Three men had come with three large baskets, and they asked us if we wished to rid our property of snakes at Rupees 3 per snake (or 39 cents each). I thought they might catch three or four, so I grabbed my camera, Arlene grabbed Valerie, and I said, "Yes! Begin right here by the front verandah."

Within three minutes, they had laid down 2 cobras by our front steps. By the time 30 minutes passed, they had collected 29 poisonous snakes - all within 36 to. 50 feet of our house! Aren’t you glad you missed it!

I had checked their baskets when they arrived, and found them empty. And, as they walked slowly, playing their hollow-gourd flutes I, and a couple others, followed watching ­although very carefully! The snakes would come right out of the holes in the ground. When the men see them, they suddenly drop the flutes, and grab the snakes by the heads in one hand, and tails in the other, and hold them up. I saw one man with four vipers at once in his hands. I marveled at how they could catch several at one time without being bitten.

The last snake they caught was nearby at one of our Bible School Teacher's house. It was the largest cobra - a whopping 67 inches, as thick as my arm. We had seen it off and on for a couple of months, and knew it was there.

This cobra wound itself around a flowering Pala tree, and as the man tried to pull its tail, it was very strong and pulled around the tree and bit his finger! Although the snake charmer screamed and shook the snake, it held his finger in its mouth for over 30 seconds. His friend ran from 100 feet away, and opened the snake's mouth, leaving part of the fang (tooth) in his finger.

The bitten man ate some mustard-colored roots that he had with him in a pouch, while another waved some roots in the pouch over his head and chanted. He vomited several times. I immediately asked if we could pray for him. He refused, saying his gods would become angry if we prayed to our God. (We all prayed in our hearts anyway.) They took off for a nearby city, with all those snakes to sell to a zoo - an unbelievable total of 58!!! Ten cobras and forty-eight Russell vipers. Aren't you glad you missed it!

We do thank the LORD for His abundant protection, and for your prayers. We know that Jesus has sent us here to spread the marvelous Light of the Gospel. Apostle Paul said, "We are laborers together with God!" (1st Corinthians 3:9) We are laboring in our LORD's vineyard, and "My Home Place - India" is the LORD's vineyard! Together, we are all laborers in the His vineyard! "For which cause we faint not...! " (2nd Corinthians 4: 16a)

May God bless all of you who are our partners here in South India!

Earl & Arlene Stubbs
Assemblies of God Missionaries

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

About Earl and Arlene Stubbs


Earl and Arlene Stubbs have seen the fulfillment of many of their desires in the establishing of the Andhra Pradesh District and Bible College in 1988, the International Correspondence (ICI) ministry from 1994, and of a strong English-language Church in the Twin-Cities of Secunderabad-Hyderabad - ­the State Capital of Andhra Pradesh. They seek to encourage the pastors, church planting, and the Bible College ministry.
During the past 34 years, they have served in various capacities. But a large part of their ministry has been the pioneering of and pastoring of New Life Assembly of God Church, an English-language congregation in Secunderabad-Hyderabad, which meets in a rented former theater, with attendance around 6000 in 3 Sunday Morning Services.


1969 As Assistant Pastor, Spanish Lake Assembly of God, St. Louis, Missouri
1970 As Evangelists holding Kids Krusades and Revival Meetings
1971-1973 As Pastor of Assembly of God Church, Mifflinburg, Pa.
1975 April As appointed Assemblies of God Missionaries to India
1975-1979 Missionaries to Kerala, India, as Teacher, Treasurer, Vice - Principal,
Principal, Bethel Bible College, Punalur,
1983 -1984 Missionary Advisor to Southern District, Tamil Nadu
1979-1987 Administrator, Ebenezer Bible School, Bellary, Karnataka
1987 -1988 Vice-Chairman for newly-formed Andhra Pradesh District
1987 -1990 Vice-Chairman, India Field Fellowship
1987-1990 Chairman, Junnar Boys Home Board of Directors, Maharashtra
1997-1998 Missionary Advisor to Malabar District, northern Kerala
1980-2004 Treasurer for South India Aged Ministers Assistance Fund
1994-2005 As ICI National Director, Andhra Pradesh
1987 -1998 Drafted the Constitutions and By-laws for: South India Assemblies of God,
Andhra Pradesh
District, Western District of Maharashtra, and Malabar District, and to present as Consultant and
1980-Present Manager of A/G Hartwell Compound, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
1988-Present Missionary Advisor to Andhra Pradesh District
1988-Present Chairman, Andhra Pradesh Bible College Board of Directors
1983-Present Founder/Pastor of New Life Assembly of God, Secunderabad-Hyderabad


Earl is from Winchester, Virginia, and Arlene is from New Castle, Pennsylvania, and were married July 1st 1967. They have two married daughters and one grandson, Alex, Son of Valerie & Michael, and two granddaughters, Anjali and Rebekah, daughters of Sharilyn & Jeff. Earl and Arlene are graduates of Central Bible College, and Earl's Masters is from Covenant Theological Seminary, St.Louis, Missouri. Earl is Ordained and Arlene is Licensed with the Penn-Del District of the Assemblies of God. We are so excited about what God is doing, and are looking forward to another five or so years of full-time missionary service. We are deeply grateful for your continuing prayer and faithful support.


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How to Wear a Saree

1. Starting with a blouse and a tight half-slip, hold the unbordered
end of the saree in your left hand and take it around the waist as

2. Tuck it around into the slip.

3. Next, make pleats with about one yard of the saree.

4. Then, tuck the pleats into the front.

5. Next carry the balance around your waist in the back as seen above

6. Then bring it below the right arm over chest to left shoulder

7. Next, after just a little pull for smartness, hold the balance in the left hand as shown.

8. And finally, throw over the left shoulder... and there you are !


Saturday, August 4, 2007

About us

Earl & Arlene Stubbs
Missionaries to India

Representing the Assemblies of God

Dear Friends,

Joyous Greetings to Everyone!

Ministry News:

On July 1st we had a marvelous Sunday with our English-language Church for its 24th Anniversary with Lunch on the Grounds with around six thousand in attendance! There was wonderful singing, testimonies and rejoicing!

July 1st was also our 40th Wedding Anniversary, and the Church presented us with a cake, a large bouquet of flowers, and a song written especially for us. This was all very moving expressions of love.

Overseeing a congregation of this size is quite a job. But, God’s blessings makes it worth it all! Over the years, over 6000 have made first‑time decisions to accept Christ as Savior. The excitement and spiritual life of this Church is something very special! We are renting a former theatre, and we are literally packed out. More than half of our congregation sit outside in two overflow areas participating by means of large projection TVs. As you can imagine, the need to have our own facilities is quite pressing.

Also, as the only A/G missionaries living in this state, we work closely with our national brethren in planting new churches, and supervising about 300 Churches and out-stations, and our Bible College - a three-year course of study in the local language, with a fourth year for students who know English, as well as a very fruitful ICI ministry. We desire to see a church pioneered in each of 1120 areas, reaching out to thousands of villages, and the many large towns and cities.

Family News:

We came to the States on July 3rd for a mini-furlough, and arrived in time for the birth of our 3rd grandchild, little Rebekah Ann, born on July 6th. Her sister, Anjali, was born February 21, 2006, to parents Jeff & Sharilyn. And grandson, Alex, was born October 1st, 2001, to parents Michael & Valerie. Both our daughters and their families make their homes in Springfield, MO.

Then for two weeks in July, we were involved in the School of Missions in Springfield, where we were honored by the presentation of a large crystal award for 34 years of missionary service. We, of course, continue being full-time missionaries to India. Then for the first week of August, we were involved in our General Council held in Indianapolis.

Finally, as we leave for India on September 19th, we want you to know that we appreciate your prayers and support more than we can say. You are a very important part of this ministry. Please note that it is our plan to up-date our blog-site at least quarterly, but more frequently if we can.

May the Lord bless you, and meet your every need, even as you help us in bringing the Gospel to this great land.

With Much Appreciation,

Earl & Arlene Stubbs

Please remember that Offerings may be sent to:
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